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The local police (local police) teaches road safety courses at schools throughout the year so that people, especially young people, become aware that traffic is a problem that affects everyone: pedestrians, drivers, cyclists or skaters. We can not drive or park wherever we want because the town belongs to everyone and we all have to feel safe and happy.

How should we behave on public roads?
•  Pedestrians:
On the street:
•  Walk on the pavement. Do not run.
•  Before crossing the road follow the signs in the following order:
•  Signs by police officer
•  Traffic lights (green light)
•  Pedestrian crossing
•  Before stepping off the pavement look to both sides in case a vehicle is coming towards you.
•  Exit the vehicle on the side closer to the pavement.
•  Look out for vehicles before opening the door.
On the road:
•  Walk on the left side of the road.
•  If you are walking in a group, walk in single file.
•  If dark, carry a torch and wear reflective clothing to make you visible from afar.
•  Cross on a straight stretch of road with enough visibility. Never cross at a curve in the road.
•  Cyclists:
•  Always wear a helmet.
•  Ride always on the right, as close as possible to the pavement on streets and to the ditch on roads.
•  If you are cycling in a group, cycle in single file.
•  Do not hang objects from the handle bar. Use a basket or a backpack.
•  Use clothing of visible colours and reflective clothing if dark.
•  Do not use earphones when cycling.
•  Passengers:
•  Behave properly without distracting the driver.
•  Do not open the door while in movement.
•  Exit the vehicle on the side closer to the pavement.
•  Do not throw objects from the vehicle.
•  Always belt up.
•  Passengers under 12 must ride on the back and babies must use suitable seats.




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