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Santanyí stone is a very pure oolitic calcarenite, with hardly any matrix. Its origin is calculated as being in the first half of a marine sequence of the Upper Miocene era. Its most notable characteristics are its hardness, which allows it to be worked and carved, its minimal absorption and a resistance to compression.


All these features have made Santanyí stone an essential element for construction, and it is the pride and identifying symbol of the county of Santanyí. Builders, developers, property companies and individuals from all over the Island are well aware of the know-how of the Santanyí stone manufacturers, both for craftsmanship and for standard products. This has made Santanyí stone very much in demand for public and private works that want to stand out for the quality of their materials.


The quarries of Santanyí have supplied large and small works for centuries. One of the most outstanding of all buildings made of this material is the Castelnovo in Naples. Nowadays, many buildings are still dressed with this stone.