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Saint Anthony's Day:

17 January

Animals are blessed, a deep-rooted tradition in Mallorca . The previous night the traditional foguerons (bonfires) are held and people eat torrades ( toast ). It is the most magical night on the island.


Saint Scholastica's Day:

The Sunday nearest to 10 February

Mass is held at the sanctuary of Puig de Consolació and Saint Scholastica, who intercedes for rain. Many people maintain the tradition of walking up there.


Day of the sanctuary of El Puig de Consolació:

First Sunday in March

A solemn mass is held, the "Joys of the Virgin" are sung and the fruits are blessed with the True Cross.


Saint James's Day

Takes place on 25 July.

Celebrates the day when the first stone of the current parish church was laid, so it is also known as the "Festival of the Works".


Santanyí Fair:

It is held on the third Saturday in October.

It is an agricultural, craft and industrial fair.


Festival of the patron saint, Saint Andrew:

This is held on 30 November.

The parish church is Saint Andrew's church. There is a solemn mass and many leisure and cultural activities during the week.



On Wednesday and Saturday mornings, there is a market in the Plaza Mayor. Fruit and vegetables are sold, as well as clothes and other utensils.


Es Llombards


Festival of Saint Dominic:

It takes place on 8 August.

There is a mass and cultural and leisure activities are organised.


Festival of the Immaculate Conception:

8 December.

This is the day of the patron saint of the village.



This is held on Thursday mornings in the Plaza de Es Pou. Fruit, vegetables and some crafts are sold there.


Cala Figuera


Festival of Carmen:

16 July.

There is a mass and, at the end, a procession of boats.


Cala d'Or


Festival of Saint Mary of the Sea:

15 August

A mass is held in the afternoon and then a procession of boats.


S'Alqueria Blanca


Saint Joseph 's Day:

19 March.

He is the patron saint of the village and religious and leisure activities are held.


Saint Roch's Day:

16 August.

For a few days there are cultural and leisure events.



On Tuesday mornings. Basically sells fruit and vegetables.




Saint Anthony's Day:

17 January

The night before there are foguerons (bonfires) and public dancing. This is the day animals are blessed.


Saint Michael's Day:

29 September

He is the patron saint of the village and a solemn mass and cultural and leisure activities are held during the week.



This is held on Thursday mornings in the Plaza de San Miguel. Basically, fruit and vegetables are sold.